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    The Change Canvas is a powerful, flexible, yet simple, visual tool that unites people to drive change. It combines reflection, vision and action, into an iterative and results focused framework. Events, workshops, team building and planning will never be the same again!


    We developed it to provide a practical, collaborative and easy to use solution to help to create more diverse and inclusive workforces. The framework is now being used to drive diversity and inclusion initiatives across the world but also for all kinds of other change such as mentoring and business development.


    The Change Canvas is free and will always be free. To join our movement of change makers simply sign up to download it and you can start using it straight away. We can also help you get the most from it with our workshops, consultancy and premium content.


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    Find out more about using the The Change Canvas for business planning here. 


    "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." - Socrates


  • The Collaborative Movement

    "I urge any leaders who want to understand the culture of their organisation, to better drive change to take a look at The Change Canvas. It has evolved, based on extensive real world feedback, from a much needed idea, to a very useful, hugely flexible tool for everyone! It lets your organisation reflect, celebrate the good and build a plan for the future."

    Kevin Johnson

    Head of Innotribe at SWIFT



    "The Change Canvas is the best tool I've seen for helping you figure out your vision for diversity and inclusion in your business.”

    Gareth Williams

    CEO at Yellow Dog


    "The Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator has included The Change Canvas into our UK programme as we believe building equality, diversity and inclusion (E,D & I) into your over arching business strategy is fundamental. The Change Canvas allows companies to take time to build out this thinking from the very beginning of a companies inception, and formalises regular reviews to ensure ongoing continuous improvement. E, D & I should be at the core of your business policy and function and influence how your team functions on a daily basis, not an after thought or a policy that sits on file."

    Marina Traversari

    Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator Programme Manager, UK


    "For us it was a no brainer to adopt The Diversity Canvas to help our clients build diversity and inclusion into their businesses, as it is such a simple yet powerful framework. Tech companies are finding it harder to recruit and retain the talent they need. Tapping into a wider and diverse talent pool makes sense from an ethical and business point of view. The Change Canvas enables our team to open up conversation, identify barriers, tap into a community and plan how to improve diversity.”

    Sarah Williams

    Founder & CEO at MangoHR


  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Use The Change Canvas to create a personalised action plan, make progress & celebrate successes in driving diversity and inclusion.

    Use our 'Talking Boards' to open up conversations and 'The Diversity Map' or our 'Hall of Fame' for inspiration and to build understanding.


    Contact us for more information about our unique and impactful workshops, inclusive leadership programme, action framework, consultancy or data analysis services.

  • Mentoring

    Use The Change Canvas to provide some structure to your mentoring programmes, mentoring relationships or purely to help with self reflection.

  • Events

    Use The Change Canvas at events to collect & share feedback from your audience or scribe a panel discussion on your desired change topic. Create a permanent record so the dialogue can continue long after your event ends.


    Have a look at our 'Hall of Fame' for some inspiration and to see some of the incredible events The Change Canvas has been to.

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  • About Us

    Diversily was founded by Marissa Ellis, a senior leader in the tech sector who works as an independent digital strategy, growth and delivery consultant. It was started to accelerate progress in creating a more diverse and inclusive tech sector. We created The Change Canvas to inject focus and direction and to unite people to take action. The Change Canvas is now being used for all kinds of change missions, across industries.


    Striving for more diversity and inclusion is core to our mission and the name Diversily represents a more conscious, enlightened way of working, thinking and acting that has diversity and inclusion built in.


    It's a bit like being eco-friendly. 50 years ago no one really gave environmental concerns a thought, and now they are a consideration in everything we do. Awareness about diversity and inclusion is much the same thing. Diversily's mission is to change mindsets. We recognise that diversity is only the first step. Once organisations have a more diverse and representative workforce, the real secret to success is inclusion; ensuring that everyone feels valued and is supported to contribute to the best of their abilities.

    Marissa Ellis

    Founder & CEO

    Strategist, innovator and change maker.


  • Our Inspiration

    A personal story from our founder Marissa Ellis

    Like millions of people working in tech today, diversity and inclusion was not on my radar.

    I have had a very successful career as a minority female in the male dominated tech sector. I excelled in my work, was well supported, my voice was heard and I progressed up the career ladder rapidly. From my early days at lastminute.com, to my time as a consultant for Reuters and various stints at a number of a number of market leading software companies I established myself as a senior leader in tech who could be relied upon to deliver.


    Then I was made redundant when I was three months pregnant.


    I knew my world was about to change. Given the typical lead time in finding a job and my imminent break, rightly or wrongly, I didn't feel that looking for a new permanent role was an option for me. So instead I took the bold move and set myself up as an independent consultant. I was very lucky to have an amazing network and a solid reputation. But it took courage, self belief and determination to build the successful consulting business I still run today.

    My journey as a working parent has been eye opening.

    Hats off to anyone who has managed the family/work juggle. It isn't easy.


    Post maternity women are struggling with lack of confidence or are being under utilised in more flexible roles, while their male peers are being promoted. Men are being paid more than women in similar roles. Children's aspirations are being shaped by their gender and limited by the lack of diversity amongst role models. Expectations and attitudes towards working mothers and fathers are very different. The list goes on.


    The gender gap most certainly is a problem.


    Then we come to other inequalities due to race, age, disability or sexual orientation. The tech sector is dominated by white males because there are fewer barriers that get in the way of them entering into careers in tech and progressing into leadership roles. However, the evidence shows that more diverse businesses do better. As a sector we need to recognise that we need to intervene to give the underrepresented a chance.


    This is not a minority issue. We all have a responsibility to take action. Diversity and Inclusion should be on everyone's radar.

    Was I just being naive and ignorant or did my industry let me down? Why did it take my own personal experiences to force me to reflect and understand the diversity landscape? Why when I was building up a huge array of business and technical skills was diversity and inclusion not a fundamental part of the mix?


    We owe it to ourselves, our sector and our children to change this. We need to educate everyone on the importance and benefits of diversity and we need to work together to give everyone a chance to contribute. We need to inject diversity and inclusion into our consciousness. In the same way as we have learnt to be eco friendly, it should be a consideration in all that we do.


    Instead of taking the path of least resistance let's challenge the status quo. Let's be proactive in opening our eyes and opening up our sector. Let's benefit from the skills and perspectives of a diverse workforce so that we can thrive together.


    I am a glass half full kind of person who believes that together we can make the world a better place, starting with the technology sector. I created Diversily for people who share my vision, who believe in doing the right thing and are willing to take action. Come on people. The time is now. Let's do this!


  • Diversity is about inviting people from all walks of life into your house.

    Inclusivity is about making them all feel at home and having the party of your life.


    Marissa Ellis - Founder of Diversily

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